FMI 2° Level Technician

The Riding and Navigation school by Jacopo Cerutti has the goal of teaching the Off-Road riding technique and growing the pleasure of riding your bike. Moreover with the experience of many years in Motorally Championship and International Rally Raids you’ll have the possibility to learn the best techniques of navigation with Roadbook and GPS.

Learning, training and perfecting with the best teaching solutions, suitable for every riding level and experience: like newbies that want to approach to Enduro, kids that want the correct riding setup in complete safety or also amateurs that want to improve their riding technique.

According to the requirement, there are group classes, individual lessons and personalized trainings.

Also, at least once a year it will be organized an event of 4/5 days in great locations like Sardinia and Liguria, to join the pleasure of learning and improve with a small “holiday” on two wheels.

The Riding and Navigation School adapts perfectly to those who engage in Enduro, Mini Enduro and Motorally, with also a specific part of training to face the most difficult Rally Raids in the world.

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